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Fashion Knitwear Design (eBook, ePUB)
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Knitwear is a highly influential, though sometimes overlooked, element of contemporary fashion. It?s simple yet amazingly versatile textile structure offers endless possibilities for exploration. To develop a successful collection the knitwear designer must design both fabric and garment, employing a range of creative and technical skills. Written for fashion, textile and knitwear design students and young professional designers, Fashion Knitwear Design provides advice on the diverse skills needed to take a knitwear design from initial idea to finished product. It provides advice on key knitwear design skills; insights into today´s global industry; explanations of structures, machines and yarn types, and a history of fashion knitwear design and technology. It is superbly illustrated with 173 colour photographs and 53 line artworks. Fashion Knitwear Design is written by a team of specialists who deliver Nottingham Trent University´s highly respected fashion knitwear design courses, including the only undergraduate degree within the UK to focus solely on the subject.

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