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Chemistry For Textile Students; A Manual Suitable For Technical Students In The Textile And Dyeing Industries, By NORMAN BLAND. PREFACE. The present time, being one of reconstruction, is an opportune moment for the presentation of this work, as it is, we believe, the first attempt to put forward a fairly compIetecourse on Chemistry for Textile Students suitable for the large and growing number of students who are taking up the technical study d textile industries from the truly scientific standpoint. It is a noteworthy feature of the last Census of Production, published in 1907, that, if we omit coal mining, whilst the cotton and woollen industries occupy respectively the first and fourth positions among the nine leading industries of the country as regards number of people employed, yet these industrics employ a smaller percentage of well-trained technologists than any of the others. With one exception, the productivity, or net putput in value per head of persons empIoyed, is less in the case of textile industries, apart from chemistry and dyeing, than that of the other great industries of the country, and this is no doubt largely due to the small percentage of well-trained technologists employed. Apart from the branches of bleaching and dyeing, it is only in very recent years that it has been realised, and only then by the most enlightened employers, that chemistry and physics play a most important part in the various operations used in the production of yarns and finished pieces. Recently, however, it has been recognised that Germany, in pre-W-ar times, Pas getting far ahead of us, principally through the,direct application of the sciences of chemistry, physics, and engineering to the procksses of nlanufactue of textiles. Iarge manufacturers are now beginning to realise that specially trained textile-chemists and textile-engineers must be engaged for special research work, if progress is to be made which wi1l enable us to keep pace with the competition of other great natons of the world. Germany was setting the pace in prewar times, nvhilst our manufacturers were resting largeIy on the laurels of the past, with the result that certain branches of our great textile industry were fast passing to the continent but in the near future other great nations of the world will have profited by the experience of Germany, and, if we are to maintain the traditions of the past, me must bring the sciences of chemistry and physics to bear to a greater degree on the study of textiles. It is a necessary part of the training of the textile technologist, who will late be engaged in the production of yarns and finished articles, that he should have received a thorough grounding in the sciences of chemistry and physics.

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