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Protective Textiles for Skin Disease
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Medical Textile is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the technical textile market. Medical Textiles are the products and constructions used for medical and biological applications and are used primarily for first aid, clinical and hygienic purposes. It consists of all those textile materials used in health and hygienic applications in both consumer and medical markets. Skin disease is due to allergy, variation in climate, wrong usage of chemicals, tablets, injection, this will create problem to human body. Most of the skin allergies are caused due to over secretion of histamine by mast cell. Normally mast cells are made by bone marrow. They are part of immune system. These cells are more in skin, lungs and intestine. Due to variation in atmospheric condition, histamine is secreted by mast cell that will cause blister in skin, lungs and intestine. In order to suppress this histamine, antihistamine medicines were used. In this book, a discussion was made on the application of the fabric treated with two different herbals which have antihistamine property to release antihistamine to prevent some skin diseases.

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